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Seller Tips

Selling your goods can be really enjoyable and rewarding, but there are lots of tricks of the trade that will help you get the most out of your experience as a seller for the day.

Our Top Ten Tips will give you a guide on how to sell, as well as how to prepare yourself to sell!

Top Ten Tips for Sellers

1. Be prepared – Set your alarm early; set two if you need to! You will need a table, a folding one like a wallpaper pasting or garden table is best, (although we do have some available for hire if you need). Bring plastic sheets for covering your goods if you plan to hold an outdoor stall; we can’t rely on the British weather sadly!

2. Do your research – Visit one of our events as a customer beforehand just to get ideas on how to price your goods. Think what you would want to pay for your items and price them accordingly. Don’t be afraid to bring expensive items along with lower price ones; they do sell.

3. Dress appropriately – You will be on your feet for a long time so you need to be comfy and warm. Layer up, and in winter don’t forget your gloves, hats and scarves!

4. Bring a friend – It’s easier to work in pairs, so that when your stall gets busy you won’t be keeping customers waiting or feel you are being rushed. And someone needs to get the brews in!

5. Take plenty of small change… and low value notes. A pen and paper also come in handy if you want to do your own ‘supermarket style’ promotions or reductions.

6. Setting up shop – Make your stall as organised and appealing as possible. Group similar items together and put items that are likely to be examined at the front, with bigger, more valuable items at the back. People like to rummage, but keep things on rails or in boxes where possible. Also remember a cloth or cover for your stall.

7. Be prepared for early birds – Traders and fellow ‘booters’ are often eager early buyers, but don’t be afraid to ask them to wait until you have set up your stall. Keep your car doors locked when serving, and keep anything that’s not for sale out of sight.

8. Keep your takings on you – Get yourself a bum bag or wear something with secure pockets to ensure you have a close eye on your money at all times.

9. Customer service – Be friendly and helpful. When it comes to bartering, state the price firmly with no upward intonation in your voice otherwise you are asking to be beaten down on price.

10. Clean up afterwards – Anything you don’t sell, consider recycling it or taking it to a charity shop. We ask that you take any old boxes or rubbish home with you.

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